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What is Salsa.Net?

SalsaNet was founded in 1992 in San Antonio, Texas by a group of civic-minded media and communications professionals to promote the socially responsible uses of the Internet.  Today, SalsaNet is a non-profit organization hosting a number of different projects including the Salsa.Net Community and another project we call "Public Studio."

What is the Salsa.Net Community?

The Salsa.Net Community (SNC) is an online social gathering place for anyone who is a resident of the San Antonio area and is interested in helping each other learn about our local community. Help us build an online community devoted to learning more about the local environment, local arts and culture, and local history. 

What is "Public Studio"?

Public Studio is a Salsa.Net project aimed at getting local experts together to produce and distribute high-quality video and audio productions about environmental, artistic, and historical topics in San Antonio.  Members of the SNC get first access to these productions and we encourage SNC members to give us new ideas, spread the word about Public Studio, and maybe even join our team of talented folks.  You can read more about Public Studio by clicking on the Public Studio link at Salsa.Net.

What are the rules at the Salsa.Net Community?

The main rule is borrowed from The Well: You own your own words. That means everything that is posted has your name on it, and that you are the only one that controls where your words are used. Aside from that the other driving principle for the Salsa.Net community is NO ASSHOLES. We reserve the right to ban users at any time for disruptive behavior.

How do I join the Salsa.Net Community?

To join SNC, send an email message to telling us where you are from, what your interests are, and what "community" means to you.

What if I have more questions about Salsa.Net, the Community, or Public Studio? 

Send an email message to, and we'll get right back to you.